you snooze you lose


you snooze you lose

a musical performance about the moment in between dreaming and awakening

April 1st, 2022

We find ourselves in a society where we are expected to give more, do more, work harder, persevere. In YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE we look for peace. The moment in between sleep and awakening. Twelve percent of the people can direct their dreams in that moment. In the performance we take the spectator to this moment, where you can choose how your dreams unfold.

Do you dare to linger in your sleep?
If you snooze you win.
Good night

Lisanne Helwig and Steven van Oudshoorn. They both graduated from Musical Theatre at ArtEZ Umiersity of the Arts.

This is a graduation performance of Nieuwe Makers [New Creators] at Speels Collectief. Within the Nieuwe Makers trajectory, fourth-year art students work with a diverse group of performers on their own performance. This gives them the opportunity to develop their craft and to specialize as an inclusive theatre producer or choreographer.

DIRECTOR Lisanne Helwig, Steven van Oudshoorn | DIRECTOR ASSISTENT Yara Snelder | PERFORMERS Beppie, Joanne, Kathrina, Marion, Marloes, Martijn, Noor, Robbert, Sabine, Sacha, Yara, Ylin, Zoë | SUPERVISOR PERFORMERS Ylin Fortuijn, Zoë Rutjes | ARTISTIC LEADER Sanne Arbouw, Merel van Lieshout | PARTNERS ArtEZ Finals 2022, Siza, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie

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