mask theatre about shapes and being shaped

June 18th, 2021

You are shaped by your enviroment
Did you get hurt? 
Will you hide your pain or will you show it?

KNEED is the performance that arose from a research on everything mask theatre is or could be.


Joris Christ. He graduated from Theatre in Education at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem.

This is a graduation performance of Nieuwe Makers [New Creators] at Speels Collectief. Within the Nieuwe Makers trajectory, fourth-year art students work with a diverse group of performers on their own performance. This gives them the opportunity to develop their craft and to specialize as an inclusive theatre producer producer or choreographer.

DIRECTOR Joris Christ | PERFORMERS Beppie Jansen, Edith Heij, Noor van Tricht, Merel van Lieshout, Lisette Mepschen, Nico van Belle, Marloes Dingshoff, Martijn van de Rest, Hendrie Bombach, Frank van Klaveren | MUSIC Simeon Oosthuizen | DIRECTOR ASSISTENT Hilde de Bruin | PRODUCTION Sanne Arbouw, Merel van Lieshout | SUPERVISOR PERFORMERS Sanne Arbouw, Benno van Leer PARTNERS | Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, ArtEZ Finals 2021

THEATERKRANT | Het verdriet en de pijn achter de vrolijke komedie

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