Community Arnhem-en

Community Arnhem-en

Everyone can develop themselves with us in the field of the performing arts and show themselves on stage. At ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, two groups of diverse performers rehearse every Friday for two performances, in which the personal input of the performers plays a major role. Each group is supervised by a professional teacher or maker and a graduating student from the art academy. We rehearse for six to nine months for our performances. After that, the performances can be seen at ArtEZ and at various educational and healthcare institutions, theater festivals, and many more locations in the region!


ArtEZ University of the Arts (Onderlangs 9, Arnhem) 

Every Friday, with two weeks of the Christmas holiday as an exception. Participants take vacation at their own time.

You can participate via an indication for daytime activities, PGB, Gelrepas or course fees. If for whatever reason you’re unable to pay the amount, please contact us. Then we can look at the possibilities.  

Do you want a free trial lesson or do you want to know more? Please contact our performers supervisor Sylvia Theunissen (06 21 94 01 37) /

The groups are supervised by our social worker Sylvia Theunissen and artistic director Sanne Arbouw. This is done in collaboration with students for the art academy and from the bachelors Social Work and Drama Therapy.

We work together with care institutions Siza, Philadelphia, Driestroom and Regiezorg, educational institutions ArtEZ University of the Arts and HAN University of Applied Sciences, and cultural institution Cultuur Oost.

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