Experimental theatre about a utopian future and our role in it

Aankomende voorstelling: 

July 17, 2019



At the moment there are no performance dates, but this performance can still be played in the future. The performance can also be booked. Please contact us if interested.


Humans emerged millions of centuries ago. Man took form and thought. Over the centuries we have evolved into beings with dreams. We have cherished our desires and dreams all these centuries and are still there. Do dreams exist by the grace of the impossible? Is a utopia possible? Or do we end up in a dystopia in the desire for a utopia? Can dreams be reality?

This performance is a visual spherical performance. A study has been carried out into concepts such as utopia, dystopia, the dream, man’s malleability, dreams and desires, in which you as a spectator can let yourself be carried away by the visual language of our research.

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Qiqi van Boheemen and Emma Janssen. They made this performance as two third-year students of the bachelor Theatre in Education at ArtEZ University of the Arts.

This was a performance by two third-year students of the bachelor Theater in Education and a third-year student of the bachelor Product Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. The performance was played twice in Theater de Leeuw in Arnhem.

DIRECTORS Qiqi van Boheemen, Emma Janssen | SCENOGRAPHY Frouke Engel | PERFORMERS Beatka, Beppie, Christa, Frank, Hendrie, Henk Jan, Ilse, Joanne, Marion, Marjolein, Nico, Robbert, Sabine, Stanley | GUIDANCE PERFORMERS Sanne Arbouw, Merel van Lieshout | PARTNERS ArtEZ Arnhem | PHOTOGRAPHY Emmy Chau

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ArtEZ Theatrium, Arnhem
Waalzinnig Festival Nijmegen in LUX, room 7
Cultuurland Festival Ede
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