14th of December 2019


14th of December 2019


Comic research presentation about waiting and boredom

Aankomende voorstelling: 

December 13, 2019


14th of December 2019

At the moment there are no performance dates, but this performance can still be played in the future. The performance can also be booked. Please contact us if interested.


For those who wait, everything takes too long. So to pass the time we discover the time meanwhile, in the meantime. Between Time. Between time and death… It takes a while, it’s only temporary. In the meantime we slip into an opening, we fall into a crack, we step into a space, we jump in a second, we take a beat, we sing a note, we play a game. Do you hear that too?

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Sanne Arbouw. She is artistic lead of Speels Collectief.

This work presentation by Speels Collectief is part of a music pilot in collaboration with HAN Social Work en Cultuur Oost.

DIRECTOR Sanne Arbouw | PERFORMERS Beppie, Desiree, Eva, Frank, Gijs, Hendrie, Henk Jan, Joanne, Martijn, Marion | AFTERMOVIE Martin Klomp | PARTNERS Cultuur Oost, Hogeschool Nijmegen Social Work | PHOTOGRAPHY Hazar Chaouni, Zefanja Hoogers

CULTUUR OOST | Sociaal en artistiek samenwerken: een voorbeeld uit de praktijk

CULTUUR OOST | Muziek maken met mensen

SIZA | ‘Iedereen heeft supermooie verhalen te vertellen’

SIZA | Bouwen aan leerwerkplaatsen

BELOW: Oud (als voorbeeld)

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ArtEZ Theatrium, Arnhem
Waalzinnig Festival Nijmegen in LUX, room 7
Cultuurland Festival Ede
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