A research on societal norms of masculinity and femininity

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December 1, 2019



At the moment there are no performance dates, but this performance can still be played in the future. The performance can also be booked. Please contact us if interested.


A box: an enclosed, cramped space for a certain number of people. A small space. A space in which you store something. A chasm, a rift, a boundary. A box with a person in it. Where is the line between ‘letting yourself be reduced to a box’ and ‘feeling part of a group’?

MIRROR, a short interdisciplinary performance that arose from a research on societal norms of masculinity and femininity. Dance, theatre, live music and visual work in one performance about identity.

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Kirsten Robben. She graduated from Dance in Education at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem.

This is a graduation performance of Nieuwe Makers [New Creators] at Speels Collectief. Within the Nieuwe Makers trajectory, fourth-year art students work with a diverse group of performers on their own performance. This gives them the opportunity to develop their craft and to specialize as an inclusive theatre producer producer or choreographer.

This perforamance was played five times at the theatre route in Arnhem West; KUNSTMETMEKAAS in the Sionskerk in Arnhem. After that, we played again at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen for students Social Work. After the performance, Speels Collectief gave a workshop.

DIRECTOR Kirsten Robben | DIRECTOR ASSISTENT Chris van Leest | PERFORMERS Beatka, Christa, Joanne, Marjolein, Nico, Sabine, Vanesta | DANCE Chris van Leest (Docent Dans, ArtEZ), Katya Vershinina (Dans, Fontys) | MUSIC René Berman (cellist), Ben Harmsen (toetsenist), Cantalot (koor), West Arnhemsche Muziekvereeniging (slagwerk) | FILM Rock en Rolstoelproducties | DESIGN Marjorie ter Heurne | PARTNERS ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, KUNSTMETELKAAR, Rock en Rolstoelproducties

AFTERMOVIE (from 3:30)

BELOW: Oud (als voorbeeld)

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ArtEZ Theatrium, Arnhem
Waalzinnig Festival Nijmegen in LUX, room 7
Cultuurland Festival Ede
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