14 augustus 2020


14 augustus 2020

Drive through performance with a storytelling podcast for on the road

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December 1, 2020


14 augustus 2020

At the moment there are no performance dates, but this performance can still be played in the future. The performance can also be booked. Please contact us if interested.

Start the engine, turn off your sound and follow the route.
We take you on the road trip.
We take you on a journey.
Right in the middle of the city, and yet you will never get there.
Three houses of people who are waiting.
People who live in a different place than you.
They imagined what you would look like.
How you would laugh.
Whether you feel welcome.

A drive through performance, with your car or bike along three residential locations of different care institutions in Arnhem, with a storytelling podcast ON THE ROAD.

At every location you see a scene and on the road you’re listening to a podcast. Travel along all kinds of stories of people during the corona crisis. About suddenly having to live in isolation, about all the question we had, about missing friends and family.

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Marloes Jobse and Elena Foster. Marloes graduated from Theatre in Education and Elena from Dance in Education at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem.

This is a graduation performance of Nieuwe Makers [New Creators] at Speels Collectief. Within the Nieuwe Makers trajectory, fourth-year art students work with a diverse group of performers on their own performance. This gives them the opportunity to develop their craft and to specialize as an inclusive theatre producer producer or choreographer.

The audience moved by car and bicycle along three residential locations. The first one was the garden of the residential location de Veluwestraat of Philadelphia, the second one was the parking lot of the residential location at the Römerselaan of Siza and the thirth one was the courtyard of the residential location het Barentszhuis of Siza. ON THE ROAD was performed five times.

Our podcast ON THE ROAD belongs to this show. The podcast is in Dutch.

DIRECTOR Marloes Jobse | CHOREOGRAPHER Elena Foster | PERFORMERS Beppie, Elena, Frank, Hendrie, Henk Jan, Martijn, Robbert, Vanesta | SUPERVISOR PERFORMERS Sanne Arbouw en Nicole Vervloed (ArtEZ) | COLLABORATIONS ArtEZ Finals, Cultuur Oost, Philadelphia, Siza, Rock en Rolstoel Producties, Lionsclub Arnhem

ROSA | Speels Collectief: zingen in een glazen kooi

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Première | 20:00
De Lindenberg, Nijmegen
De Kring, Roosendaal
't Mozaïek, Wijchen
Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg
Posttheater, Arnhem
ArtEZ Arnhem
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ArtEZ Theatrium, Arnhem
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